Therapy and Mental Health Services

Maybe you haven’t heard back from your provider or have received inconsistent care. Now it is time to have the mental health services you need and deserve. Together we can figure out your needs and work to improve your life challenges.


Our qualified staff use a variety of evidenced based therapies including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness and receive ongoing training and supervision to continually provide you with the best care.

All identities are welcomed at the Collective including those around religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and disabilities.


Our Services

We treat a variety of mental health conditions and issues including: ADHD, Autism, Mood and Anxiety Issues, Addictions, Eating Issues, Chronic Pain, Relationship Issues, and Learning and Behavior Issues. 

Mood and Anxiety issues, ADHD, Substance Use, Social Media Addiction, Eating Issues, Life Adjustments, Divorce, LGBTQIA+, Learning Issues, Behavior Issues, and Trauma.

Mood and Anxiety Issues, Substance Use and Addictions, Trauma, Addictions, Life Transitions, LGBTQIA+, Divorce, Life Transitions for College-Aged Adults

Ongoing groups are forming for children, teens, and adults. Please message us for more information.

Mood and Anxiety Issues, Substance Use, Trauma, Addictions, Life Transitions, LGBTQIA+, Sexuality and Gender Issues, Divorce

Parent Consultation, Building Stronger Families, Coping Strategies for School and Behavior Issues, Blended Families, Multicultural Topics, Caregiving for Family Members, Substance Use Issues

Please inquire and our testers will help you find the best service to meet your needs
-Diagnostic, Developmental, or Behavioral Evaluation
-Screening for Gifted Education Eligibility
-Psycho-educational Evaluation (including evaluation for Learning Disabilities)


Instead of feeling dismissed by therapists telling you what’s wrong with you, you are in charge or your therapeutic process and collaborate effectively with your therapist.

Instead of feeling stuffy and formal, we provide a warm and inclusive environment for your mental health care.

Instead of waiting months to get in with a psychologist, you’ll be seen quickly and receive your report in two weeks.


The client is in charge of their therapy process.

Clients work with Collective therapists and other providers to discuss their needs, wants, and more in their therapy process. This includes what clients want to get out of their treatment and what they think will benefit them.

We offer a variety of evidence based and innovative mental health services.

Mental health services are based in what research shows to work (evidence-based). Our therapists receive ongoing training and consultation to stay up to date on research and innovations in the mental health and related fields

We value inclusion, community and warmth in our process. The therapeutic relationship is paramount in our work.

We want you to trust us as your mental health providers. We will walk you through every step of the therapy process, encourage you to ask questions, and check in with us to encourage that trust and connection.

What to Expect


Initial Phone Call

First we will have a phone call to discuss your service needs. Our intake department will pair you with a clinician who can best meet your current mental health needs and you can feel great knowing you’ve taken the first step to improving your mental health.


Meet with your Mental Health Provider

You will have your initial session with your provider to see if it is a good fit. The Collective wants you to have the opportunity to ask questions in this intake session, find out all of the answers to your questions, and get to know your provider. We also want to educate you on the mental health process. Please feel free to bring a list of questions you’d like answered. You are in the “driver’s seat” in your therapy process and it all begins here!



Everyone’s therapy will look different and the amount of time for this process will vary. At the Collective, your therapist will be truly with you throughout the process, keeping you informed of what to expect, asking you for input on what is working and what isn’t, and checking in on what else you may need to make your mental health experience the very best it can be. If you are getting a psychological or educational assessment, you can expect your results within two weeks. 


Complete your Therapy Work

At some point, every client completes their therapy. This is the goal! When you complete your work with the Collective, you will have additional coping strategies, have worked toward your therapy goals, and feel empowered in your mental health journey. When you wrap up your work, we will remind you that our door is always open to you and your family/friends should you want to or need to return in the future. We will prepare you for this next step in your mental health journey.


Is Therapy and Wellness Collective right for you?

You want to partner with someone who will explain what’s happening all along the way. 

You want action steps to take during the week when you’re not at your appointment.

You want valid and reliable psychological evaluation results from a top professional in a timely manner.

You want your teen to better understand the role of mental health and coping strategies in their life.