Welcome to the Therapy and Wellness Collective

A place where you can get your mental health needs met in a professional, relaxed, friendly place offering the services you need and want.


Our clients have said they never thought mental health could be so comfortable and warm.

We want you to find the process simple, approachable, and affirming. We want you to understand your mental health treatment process every step of the way so you feel in control of your therapy process. We also want you to feel that our door is truly open to you and that you know what to expect from us at the Collective.


Hi, I’m Jenny and I set out to create the Collective to meet the ongoing mental health needs of those in our community. 

I found that I simply could not meet all of the needs of my community myself and that there were gaps in service. I wanted to bring together top professionals, like minded and forward thinkers, to create a space where people can have all of their mental health needs met in one space. The Collective was born with this idea.

I found that I simply could not meet all of the needs of my community myself and that there were gaps in service. I wanted to bring together top professionals, like minded and forward thinkers, to create a space where people can have all of their mental health needs met in one space. The Collective was born with this idea.

Why We're Here

As a group of mental health professionals and innovators, we seek to create a space of innovation in our services that are evidenced based, warm & friendly, and client focused. Together we are best equipped to meet the mental health needs of our community.

We started the Collective to create a mental health community where people can find providers for themselves and their family members for now and in the future. We value inclusion, community, education, evidence based treatment, and holistic treatment.


 We use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to actually change the way you’re processing the world around you. Evidence based therapy means that the therapies we use have been researched and shown to actually work for the problems people have.

Therapy is about much more than just talking.

Services will be determined by thorough and thoughtful assessment, which means we will work with you to get to know you and your needs, and discuss therapy options and best practice. 

Every person’s therapy experience at the Collective will be different.

Our team participates in ongoing training and consultations to stay up to date in evidence based therapies. Feel free to ask your Collective therapist about their areas of expertise and discuss your needs.

We use the evidence based therapies to guide our treatment planning.


Jenny Hoffman

My mission is to make the mental health experience accessible, approachable, and easy to understand by educating my clients and the community. I provide high quality therapeutic services and share real, tangible ways to improve your mental health to live a fulfilling life.

I began this work after spending many years attending and working at a residential camp where I grew passionate about working with people. I pursued my undergraduate degree in Social Policy at Northwestern University and my Masters in Social Work at The University of Chicago. I’ve been providing clinical social work and therapy for over fifteen years. During the pandemic, I saw a need to destigmatize mental health issues and began posting educational videos on mental health issues. As a result, my work has grown from private practice to also community education and advocacy work. In addition to my work at the Collective, I am a Faculty Member at Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and the Social Work Department of Maryville University.

Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
BA Social Policy, Northwestern University
MA Social Service Administration, The University of Chicago

Dr. Colleen Biri

I have over twenty years of experience in psychological evaluation and assessment. I am also a Senior Professor in the Psychology Department at Lindenwood University and member of the American Psychological Association and the Missouri Psychological Association. I value compassion, comprehensiveness, and timeliness in my evaluation work. I am passionate in helping families find answers to their mental health questions in diagnosis, explaining possible treatment options, and value family input in this process. I served as a District Psychologist for the Ferguson-Florissant School District, and later as a Staff Psychologist for Jewish Family and Children’s Service. In addition to enjoying the fantastic opportunities my work provides, I enjoy traveling, photography, yoga, and making stained glass projects in my free time. I look forward to getting to know you.
Credentials: PhD Clinical Psychology, BA Psychology Missouri State University, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Georgia School of Professional Psychology


Tyler Witzig

Growing up, my family lived by the motto “Witzigs never give up.” It meant striving for our best and not giving up in difficult situations. Regardless of the challenge, we were encouraged to find a way to move forward. I hope to bring a similar spirit to my counseling by maintaining that change is always possible. Even when it feels like you’ve tried everything under the sun and haven’t found relief, don’t lose hope!

I hold a Masters Degree in Higher Education and a Masters in Social Work. I have extensive experience working with teens and adults and enjoy helping people cope with life’s challenges and transitions. I specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety, addiction, and the aftereffects of trauma. Often, my clients are facing challenges in areas like parenting, chronic workplace stress, and life transitions. Through evidence-based strategies and warm, supportive relationships, I help my clients regain a sense of calm and connection. I enjoy working with people who are eager to find change and need a little help knowing where to start.

LMSW (Licensed Social Worker)
Masters in Social Work Ball State University
Masters in Higher Education Wheaton College

Becca Williams

I embody a relatable and strengths-based approach in my sessions, and offer a nonjudgmental and safe space to process past experiences, current issues, or future stressors. My goal is to empower each client to overcome whatever obstacles they may be facing and reach their full potential in an empowering and empathetic therapy environment.

I am passionate about helping clients navigate a variety of concerns including: 
anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and life adjustments. I work with teens, adults, individuals, and families in a collaborative, person-centered, and nonjudgmental way. Often, my clients are those with chronic medical conditions, the caregivers of those with medical conditions, teens, and new parents.  Working with parents and caregivers to reduce symptoms of caregiver burnout and allow them to show up for their child as their strongest selves is a passion of mine.  I also enjoy working with new moms as they navigate the transitional stages of pregnancy and the adjustment to motherhood. I look forward to serving clients at the Collective and working together in a team approach to meet the needs of clients and their families.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Masters in Social Work Washington University Saint Louis




Evidence Based Practice



We believe that everyone deserves to be truly heard in the therapy process, set their treatment goals, and be in charge of that therapy process. With our guidance and mental health services, you can not only be heard but come out with real solutions.